Grace of God

Tree branches at Zebula South Africa view 1

Tree trunks, Zebula Game reserve, South Africa

I was indifferent for such a long time during my life, focusing on fruits our world has on offer. During this time I experienced the ups and downs of the investment banking world and it has been a forming process over the years in coming to know Jesus. Along the way there were a few bumps and some interesting twists and turns.

I wish to share the story of my walk to and then with God and Jesus. My prayer is that you will see God’s grace at work and that God can reach you wherever you are.

You may have found this website by chance, via a search engine or perhaps a social media platform. Maybe you have been deliberately seeking some answers about Jesus or could be in need of some hope. Perhaps it was just boredom which has brought you here! Whatever the reason, I pray that my testimony will provide you with some inspiration and that it may be a trigger in your own walk to or with God. I am almost 47 years old, so there could be a few life experiences which are part of my story where other Christian men can identify with. However, my testimony is not aimed just at Christian men, but also Christian women (my wife played such an important part in my story – it was her example which sowed the seeds of interest in Christ, they grew in me and I have eventually embraced Jesus) and all others who may still be seeking.

With God’s help I will add different chapters of my story over the next few months. I will attempt to do so once a week on weekends. These chapters will be posted under the section My walk to and with God and also be shown separately as new posts.

I love photography and I will do photography posts from time to time, to be added in the Photography section. Here I wish to share some thoughts, emotions, bible verses and pictures that inspire me.

It is great to share this journey with you. I hope you will find some encouragement along the way, especially to seek God’s hand and comfort in dealing with circumstances in your life. May you also feel moved to praise Him for blessings bestowed. Whatever your journey is, I hope it is exciting! It will be for me.

After I have finished my testimony, I wish to continue with the journey and share experiences of other friends (with their blessing) and the interesting roads which have led them to God. I am deeply thankful that I have the opportunity to do so.

With many blessings

Ben de Bruyn

Ben de Bruyn – Copyright © 2013

8 thoughts on “Grace of God

  1. Audrey

    Hi Ben,
    I look forward to reading your story and seeing your photography. It was nice to see you and Carine yesterday evening!

  2. Vlada and Roman

    Hi Ben,
    Great idea! We would like to subscribe to updates.
    Looking forward to more.
    God bless,
    Roman & Vlada


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