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A journey through the Psalms – Psalm Psalm 126:4; Psalm 119: 33 -34

A journey through the Psalms – Psalm Psalm 126:4; Psalm 119: 33 -34 

(with linked music video: “Building God’s Kingdom” by ‪Rend Collective: Asking for the Holy Spirit to invade us as we are God’s church,need his power in us, seeking His kingdom first )

“ … Now, Lord, do it again!

Restore us to our former glory!

May streams of your refreshing flow over us,

Until our dry hearts are refreshed again! …”

 Psalm 126:4 Passion translation

“… Give me revelation about the meaning of your ways,

So I can enjoy the reward of following them fully,

Give me an understanding heart so that I can

Passionately know and obey your truth …”

 Psalm 119: 33 -34 Passion translation

A journey through the Psalms – Psalm 72 extracts

A journey through the Psalms – Psalm 72: Extracts from 1-8

(with  2 inspirational linked video clips)

… Please stand up for the poor,

help the children of the needy …

let the righteousness burst into blossom …”

Psalm 72: Extracts from 1-8, The Message translation

Woman working for organisation helping the poor, Moscow Russia


Inspirational Video – A Heart for the needy

K-LOVE – Tenth Avenue North – Mike Donehey – On Helping Others