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A journey through the Psalms – Psalm Psalm 126:4; Psalm 119: 33 -34

A journey through the Psalms – Psalm Psalm 126:4; Psalm 119: 33 -34 

(with linked music video: “Building God’s Kingdom” by ‪Rend Collective: Asking for the Holy Spirit to invade us as we are God’s church,need his power in us, seeking His kingdom first )

“ … Now, Lord, do it again!

Restore us to our former glory!

May streams of your refreshing flow over us,

Until our dry hearts are refreshed again! …”

 Psalm 126:4 Passion translation

“… Give me revelation about the meaning of your ways,

So I can enjoy the reward of following them fully,

Give me an understanding heart so that I can

Passionately know and obey your truth …”

 Psalm 119: 33 -34 Passion translation

A journey through the Psalms – Psalm 72 extracts

A journey through the Psalms – Psalm 72: Extracts from 1-8

(with  2 inspirational linked video clips)

… Please stand up for the poor,

help the children of the needy …

let the righteousness burst into blossom …”

Psalm 72: Extracts from 1-8, The Message translation

Woman working for organisation helping the poor, Moscow Russia


Inspirational Video – A Heart for the needy

K-LOVE – Tenth Avenue North – Mike Donehey – On Helping Others


A journey through the Psalms – Psalm 33:3

Post 4: A random journey through the Psalms

 “… Sing and shout with passion,  Make a spectacular sound of joy …’’

Psalm 33: 3 A song of praise, Passion translation

A journey through the Psalms – Psalm 27:14

Post 3:  A journey through the Psalms: Psalm 27:14

“… Here is what I’ve learned through it all:
Don’t give up, don’t be impatient,
Be entwined as one with the Lord.
Be brave, courageous, and never lose hope.
Yes, keep on waiting –
For he will never disappoint you!
Psalm 27:14, Fearless Faith, Passion translation

Cornerstone – Hillsong

A journey through the Psalms – Psalm 22:11-14; 16; 21

Post 2: Psalm 22:11-14; 16; 21 

A journey through the Psalms

 I pray for hope restored, strength and a full recovery for all my friends who are battling cancer (the extract from the Psalm and the links to the songs are specially for you)

“ … So don’t’ leave me now, stay close to me!
For trouble is all around me
And there’s no one else to help me.
I’m surrounded by many violent foes;
Mighty forces of evil are swirling around me
That want to break me to bits and destroy me…

They’re like ravenous, roaring lions tearing their prey.
Now, I’m completely exhausted, I’m spent.
Every joint of my body has been pulled apart.
My courage has vanished and
My inward parts have melted away.
I’m so thirsty and parched – dry as a bone.

… Save me from all the power of the enemy;
From this roaring lion raging against me
And the power of this dark horde …”

Psalm 22:11-14; 16; 21 Passion translation

The first two songs express feelings, emotions, worries and hope. The last song is about hope and trust in God and healing.

Tim Timmons – Cast My Cares: Song Sessions

Tim Timmons Great Reward: Song Sessions

Healer – Bethel Worship

A journey through the Psalms – Psalm 19:13

‘’ … Keep cleansing me, God
And Keep me from my secret, selfish sins;
May they never rule over me!
For only then will I be free from fault
And remain innocent of rebellion …”

Psalm, God’s Witnesses, 19:13 Passion translation

Picture: Me in Southern France, Oct 2014

Third Day – He Is Alive: Song Sessions